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Can music be used as a first-aid kit in some cases?

There can be various negative factors that influence our life and get us to having a bad mod. We could be suffering from love, missing someone, being demotivated, passing through a sensitive period or just not being able to control the deep and strong emotions we have. We perceive different the emotions one from each other and that is just one more thing that makes us unique as human beings.

The strong feelings or the emotions go beyond the rational and get in our subconscious, from where they can influence and affect us on a longer term and the first symptoms can be the sudden loss of a smile on our face or dropped energy level.

Well-being or the way to be

The well-being does not necessary mean we have a perfect physical health condition, but rather a healthy personality characterized by:

  • strong feeling of integrity and total attachment;

  • well defined goals oriented activities;

  • capacity of confrontation, yet with keeping healthy boundaries;

  • democracy, acceptance and flexibility;

  • capacity to look at problems at learning opportunities and life lessons.

The individual develops a deep interest for each of the activities one does and the slogan "Each person is an artist" (Joseph Beuys) gets us to the idea of the self continuous transformation that we get through, rather than its artistic result.

Why use music?

The sounds are vibrations that activate various sensitive centres, maintains the process or repeats their activation, and influences the chemical composition of the human body.

Let's take the examples of a chalk screeching a black board. It definitely gives you a reaction, even if in this case it is not what we are looking for. However the noises or sounds have been studied in such a way to predict the effects a music genre can have on the human ear and body and so music went beyond its artistic purpose and became a science.

The music influences the blood pressure by increasing its flow and so leading to a faster blood circulation and within it a better oxygenation of the nervous cells, which at its turn, improves the superior neuronal activity. We know pretty well that the brain is the centre that gets all the body function so the high activity of the neurons are influencing as well this super-engine.

Musical remedies

The bad moods we can go through can be nervous exhausting caused by intellectual tiredness, moral pain, agitations, laziness, reduced capacity to learn or function, insomnia and the list can go on. It is not that we are ill, but they neither make our body and our mind feel in a good shape.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose various songs from the following list:

Exhausting by intellectual tiredness


Despair moods

Reduced learning capacity

Moral pain



Get well soon!


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