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Cadillac Records

Director: Darnell Martin

Genre: Musical, Biography, Drama

Starring: Adrian Brody, Jeffrey Wright, Beyonce

50’s, 60’s, rock and roll and Chicago. Muddy Waters, Etta James, Chuck Berry and Leonard Chess, some of the music industry legends of America. Cadillac Records has it all: rock and roll, violence, sex, drama, race, social issues, great music, amazing performances, talented artists…

Blues becoming popular, rock and roll emerges, and there stands the infamous Muddy Waters acquainted turbulence with Leonard Chess later to be accompanied by Etta James and Chuck Berry. Where did the music as we know today take its roots from? You get to learn some part of the answer through Cadillac Records. Though to be noted the movie is more about good music rather than accurate history. It depicts real life characters with a mostly accurate story line but that's not the history. You sneak a peak to what it takes to become a legend, booze and drugs may not be your guess but let's see the movie first before jumping into conclusions. Again, it is a must for music lovers especially those who love blues and rock and roll.

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