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Business planning - helpful questions (V)

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

The last set of questions:

  • What is my initial budget for 6-12 months?

  • How and from where would I select my sources of financing?

  • How is the initial budget divided into the needed departments?

  • What are the main categories of costs I'd have (correlated with the activities) - equipment, salaries, services, utilities, rent, etc?

  • How much do I need as an initial investment - how much can you put/your partners contribute?

  • In how much time would the equipment be amortized?

  • In how much time would you be on zero or on profit already?

  • Which are the fixed and variable categories of costs?

  • What categories of incomes do you have and how much would they bring?

  • What's the sales planning for the first year?

  • How many clients do I want to have vs. how many products do I want to sell?

  • How can I attract external investors? What would I offer to them?

  • What are the main marketing tools I need/have?

  • Is the product functioning through an app? How can I promote the app?

  • What marketing strategies should be considered while trying to sell the product/service?

  • What is the business identity - logo, colours, brand, uniforms, slogans, etc.?

  • How do I want to promote as message the product/service?

  • Which are the ways and channels of promotion - where, how, what, how often, towards which segments for the targeted groups?

  • Which are the ways of distribution and spreading the message and the product/service?

  • What are the choices for the product/ service presentation and/or packaging?

Price policies
  • How do you establish the price taking into consideration the quality of your product/service?

  • How will you control overpricing your product/service?

  • How, when and in which conditions would you give discounts?

  • How much does it cost you to attract one client? What is the average purchase power of the client?

  • What costs do you have to produce/offer the service - human resources, materials, utilities, space, equipment, etc.?

  • What costs do you have with selling it - distribution, packaging, marketing,e tc.?

  • What taxes do you need to pay for the sells?

  • How much is your profit going to be?

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