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Business planning - helpful questions (IV)

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Forth set of questions:

The staff
  • What's the hierarchical structure?

  • How many employees do you need and in what departments?

  • What are the main requirements and skills of the needed staff?

  • What are the per-requisites and the criteria for the selection of the employees?

  • What are the roles and responsibilities for each position?

  • What salary could you afford to pay in connection to their tasks?

  • How can you motivate the staff to be more productive (like bonuses)?

  • What's your organigram for now and where do you want to reach in 5 years - departments, number of people, positions, etc.?

  • What is the profile of the staff for each position - education, competences, previous experience, etc.?

  • What initial/further trainings will they need?

  • Who and how is the recruitment and selection being done?

  • For which position do I need an employee and for which I can collaborate with external third parties?

Organisation and management
  • What are the activities that need to be covered - acquisition, marketing, sales, accountancy, HR, etc.?

  • Which of these I can do and which I need to externalize?

  • For which should I get employees and for which collaborators?

  • What internal procedures would I need to make each department work without my presence (establishing the flow of each activity)?

  • How do I intend to communicate - internal, with partners, with clients, etc.?

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