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Business planning - helpful questions (III)

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Third set of questions:

Legal environment
  • Who will be the owner of the business?

  • In which sector does the business work (primary, secondary, tertiary)?

  • Where is the business operating?

  • What is the legal status of our company (LLC, LTD, etc.)?

  • What are the needed authorizing papers to implement our activity (health, environment, veterinary, etc.)?

  • What kind of insurance would we need (health, products, buildings, goods, cars, etc.)?

  • What are the local/regional/national/international fiscal facilities we could benefit with our type of product/service?

The headquarter and the working space
  • Where will your headquarter be?

  • How much space would you need for the office part?

  • How much could you spend for the offices and its maintenance?

  • How would you divide the working areas in according to the departments?

  • What are the reasons to choose one place or another like being close to your market, clients, suppliers, staff; the available infrastructure, costs (renting, buying, renovating and maintenance); ways of distribution and access to it, equipment needed?

  • What does the area offer as location, surface, facilities, potential staff, etc?

  • Would you need an expansion of space? Could this place provide it? What alternatives do you have and what do they offer?

  • What natural calamities might affect you and how?

  • What types of places do you need for this - production, sales and customers interaction, depot, creation, no office (online trading), etc.?

Suppliers and partners
  • From where do you plan to get your resources?

  • What type of business contract could you have?

  • Do you have a real option to choose your suppliers/partners?

  • What criteria should be adopted while choosing the suppliers for the raw materials?

  • How will you make your partners stay?

  • What is the profile of your supplier - who are they, who do they work with, what type of products/materials/services do they offer, what's the (dis)advantage of price-quality, what offers do they make, how much can you negotiate and what are the conditions for this, etc.?

  • How can you collaborate with them? How can you support each other?

  • What are the delivery, transportation and payment conditions?

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