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Business planning - helpful questions (I)

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

We come back with more supportive questions for important chapters you should touch while elaborating your business plan. Here we go:

Motivation to start it
  • Why do you want to start it?

  • What difference can you offer to the already existing market?

  • Why people before couldn't you do it?

  • Why are you doing this business and not something else?

  • What are you doing this business and not someone else?

  • What makes you competitive about it?

  • Did you do your S.W.O.T, Porter's 5 forces, P.E.S.T.E.L. analysis or any other similar?

Presentation of the idea
  • What's your plan?

  • What is that you have to offer? What will be your business about?

  • Could you objectify and concretize your idea?

  • What is the end goal to be achieved?

  • Do you have general and specific SMART objectives?

  • Do you have a vision on a long-term? What would you like to achieve in 5 years? Where would your business be?

  • What's your business situation now and how will it be in 5 years (predictions based on the evolution tendencies)?

The product or service
  • What makes your product/service different from already existing ones?

  • How economical is your product/service?

  • How do we know that our product/service will be bought by the clients?

  • Why should the clients start using your product/service?

  • How would you describe in details what you offer?

  • What are other benefits there could be obtained with the product/service?

  • What are your advantages compared to the competition (product/service related)?

  • What are your disadvantages compared to the competition (product/service related)?

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