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Director: Steven Antin

Genre: Music/Drama

Starring: Cher; Christina Aguilera; Eric Dane; Cam Gigandet; Julianne Hough; Alan Cumming; Peter Gallagher; Kristen Bell; Stanley Tucci;

Spotify Playlist:

Burlesque is a movie that starts with this young woman, Alice (Christina Aguilera), who aspires more to her life than being a waitress in a really small town. So she moves to Los Angeles and starts auditioning for a job but has no luck. One night, Ali discovers this intriguing club, called Burlesque, where she immediately falls in love after watching the girls, including the club’s owner Tess (Cher) perform “Welcome to Burlesque”. From this point, Ali decides she wants to be on that stage and perform alongside those extraordinary women. She gets a job as a waitress in the club and fights for the opportunity to be one of the performers… Which happens, followed by many other events.

With some (a lot of) drama, some romance and some music, this is a movie you should not miss if you like this combination. Alongside, the outstanding performances of this very talented cast, like “You haven’t seen the best of me” by Cher, or “Tough Lover”, or “Bound to you”, or “Show me your Burlesque” by Christina Aguilera, among many others that include amazing dance performances that will make you wanna join them!

“It takes a legend to make a star”...

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