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BMUS 2022 - another type of experience

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Beach volleyball tournaments have been a new and unexpected experience for many. But who are these many? Ten short-term and three long-term volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps programme from all over the world, a trainee for the Erasmus+ programme, the loyal members of the local organisation Yellow Shirts, and last but not least the beach volleyball players and referees!

Although the actual tournaments lasted two days, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 June, the adventure started much earlier.

In fact, volunteers and the Yellow Shirts organisation began preparing the playing area at Peninsula, a recreational park built around a giant natural pool, in Cicârlău. These days the teamwork united the group even more, it was a way of getting to know each other, working but having fun.

Meanwhile, in the previous months, all the volleyball teams trained together, creating an atmosphere of confidence and fair play.

Here we are, everyone in their seats, let the tournaments begin!

And just like that, under the coordination of Andreea, everyone takes on their roles: the group of those who take care of the court, the group of those who always supply the players with balls, those who keep score, the group that witnesses the event on social media. Everyone is important, everyone is involved, moments of strong heat or sudden rain do not spoil the collaborative mechanism between everyone, and there is no shortage of moments of joking!

The players put all their energy into the game, with passion and doggedness, the ball almost never touched the ground! There was always a lot of congratulations, encouragement and advice between the teams, but above all a lot of fair play. The players were an example of how sport can be played with passion and team spirit, fun and fellowship characterised each match. All spectators, including volunteers, watched all matches with enthusiasm and great involvement.

This experience was truly unique and exciting, there was so much affection and respect between everyone, fortunately it will repeat every year!

- Diletta

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