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Oscuro Éxtasis

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Valetín Oliva, aka Wos or Wos DS3, is a rapper, singer, freestyler and an actor from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Champion of rap contests as "El Quinto Escalón" where artist as Duki, Trueno, Acru, Tiago or Dani Ribba among others were forged. Also he won a RedBull Batalla de los Gallos Nacional Argentina, a RedBull Batalla de los Gallos Internacional and a Double AA, all of them in 2018.

On November, Wos released his second studio album after "Caravana", named "Oscuro Éxtasis". It contains 12 tracks plus the introduction and it is divided in two: the Intro, Buitres, Pared de Cristal and Gato Negro, which are the "dark" songs where the pessimistic/realistic thoughts and the aggressive rebellion he made. Second part are the rest of the songs where some artist as Nicki Nicole, Ca7riel or Ricardo Mollo collaborated with him in an explosion of flow, chilling style combined with melodic rhythm.

So if you have not listened to it, I don't know what are you doing, click here and enjoy WOS new album!

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