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A world without music!

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Imagine a world without music, I did not refer to our world as it is impossible to imagine our

planet this way.

If we can imagine a day without music, how silent would the world be? Silent restaurants, no musical instrument players in the streets? Commercials and advertisements just with dialogues!

Working on the sound of the mouse clicks instead of jazz or a relaxing piano, all the relaxing videos on YouTube would disappear and I can’t imagine an alternative! How can I recall my childhood? Do you know another way to do that? And so many other questions and concerns about this approach of music.

Music is not just a hit or a trend we follow for couple of days and then we move to other stuff, it represents a great part of our childhood, is is the first thing this remind us of people when we listen to our favorite song accidentally, it is the thing that we relate to most of the time as it carry all the emotions that we feel. Music can help us to get through hard times and it has a great effect on our mood. With music relationships continue by sharing it and sending emotions through songs. Not to forget the first thing we know about a foreign language is its music, which introduces us to a new world with new culture.

Music is something which connects us all, even if we don't speak the language of the song we still relate to it and to its vibe. So, the question now is for you, can you imagine your world without music?

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