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7 steps to open a business

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

We'll go briefly on it. Here are the 7 steps to open a business:

  1. Get the business idea that suits you, your training and abilities

  2. Make the business plan in detailed, including a longer term strategy (5 years at least)

  3. Plan your incomes and outcomes (budget)

  4. Think about and access (financial) resources

  5. Decide for the suitable fiscal type for your business

  6. Do all the legal establishment procedures and get the authorizations needed

  7. Get it STARTED!

Opening a business takes a lot of planning in the beginning but this step is essential in order to foresee everything and have back up plans than ending in a situation to which cannot reflect well upon and fail.

Failing will often happen in the business world and it's an opportunity to learn from it and not repeat it. But if we can prevent some situations, why not do it by planning well in advance?

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