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5 more fun facts about music

1- 1st step in learning a language

Many people use music instead of private courses to learn new languages. They know more about the everyday language and the style of the language, its people from their songs, the style of music, and the topic they discuss in their songs.

2- Chores and corals enhance the singers’ mood

Studies proved that singing in a group helps to enhance your mood and boost it. Also, it helps in releasing stress feeling and encourages your body to produce feel-good hormones, like oxytocin.

3- Listening to music enhances physical performance

Have you ever questioned why the gyms are not silent? Why do people listen to high and repetitive music during exercising? Research has proven that listening to such type of music helps to make people to workout more and in an efficient way. As music provides temporal cues that have the potential to make your exercise more efficient.

4- “Jingle Bells” is originally a Thanksgiving song

We all know the song “Jingle Bells” as a classic Christmas song, but it’s not. The original name of the song was “One Horse Open Sleigh” which was written by James Lord Pierpont, and published in 1857.

5- Music helps plants to grow faster

A study conducted by South Korean scientists from the National Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology revealed that plants grow up faster when we expose them to music. They applied the theory to the rice field and they played Beethoven's “Moonlight Sonata”. They pointed to the evidence that plants can hear.

So, what's the most surprising fact here for you? Do you have other facts to add?

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