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23 M of comments to release Bizarrap Music Session #23

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

The International Argentinian producer Bizarrap, asked for 23M of comments in his last post to released one of the Music Sessions more expected in the Latin World. It took a bit more than 24 hours to achieve that number and it is the Latin Music post with more comments in the history of Instagram!

Most of the singer Latin community as Duki, Dani Ribba, Dtoke, Luchito, Quevedo, Klan, Lit Killah, Kodigo or international athletes as Facundo Campazo, even one of the most public characters in Spain, Ceciarmy commented that post! With all this people commenting we can see how important is this comeback to the music because the #23 Session was reserved for him, but in terms of order, we are already waiting for the #50 Session.

Bizarrap Music Session #23 of Paulo Londra it has been in Billboards Argentina for 3 weeks in the top 5 (previously 5 consecutive weeks #1 for Plan A), in Spotify #21 in the Top 50 songs of the world, #1 in Top 50 songs in Spain, #1 in Top 50 songs in Argentina. So we can talk about a huge hit, the third that Paulo Londra puts into his returning to do music after a hard legal procedure ending with the sign of the contract with Warner Music Latina.

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