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10 fun facts about music world #4

The average song length is 3:42

Songs seem to have gotten shorter over the past years reaching in 2019 the 3 minutes and 42 seconds compared to 1995 when it was with about 1 minute longer.

“Despacito” video got more than 7 billion views already

The famous Latin-American song has reached already 7 billion views on YouTube since it’s launching in January 2017. More interesting though is that the song is based on pretty much the alternation of 4 notes.

CDs helped the albums have more songs

While in the ‘90s the average album contained 12-13 songs on a cassette, with the introduction of the CD, the albums could now reach 15-16 songs each.

Grammy Award trophies take 15 hours to be made

The gramophone shaped trophy of about 2.3 kg is being made from a metal called “grammium” and it takes approximately 15 hours to be made.

Drummers tend to be greater at problem-solving

By having a multiple instruments nearby that they can use to create great beats at a rather faster tempo, the drummers become great problem-solvers.

The Beatles are the all-time best selling band in the world

The band sold more than 250 million recordings which make them even today the best-selling band in the world.

MTV was the first TV channel dedicated to playing music videos 24/7

Launched on 1st August 1981, MTV became rapidly one of the most known and worldwide spread music TV channel. The first video played was the song “Video killed the radio star” by The Buggles.

“Pop music” term comes from popular

The term “pop music” has its name origin from the 1950s when rock and roll music became very popular among teenagers.

Bach and Handel were born in the same year

More interesting is the fact that even if they lived 130 km away from each other, they have never met.

The piano has an iron frame

Despite being mainly build of wood (to sweeten the sound), the tension of the 230-odd strings in a grand piano exert a combined forced of 20 tones on the cast iron frame.

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