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10 fun facts about music world #3

Karaoke comes from Japanese

“Karaoke” is in fact a combination of two Japanese words: karappo which means empty and okesutra as the name of an orchestra in Japanese.

Julie Andrews learned to play the guitar for the “Sound of Music”

The lead actress of “The Sound of Music” did not know how to play the guitar/ as one of the scenes required her to play it, she learned it for getting better in the role.

Jazz is most commonly based on a trio of instruments

The trio instruments are a piano, a bass and drums. The combinations of the notes created by the trio are known to reduce anxiety and stress.

Japan has the shortest national anthem in the world

“Kimi Ga Yo” or Japan’s anthem has only four lines.

The radio and the TV made music more accessible worldwide

Starting with the 20th Century when they become more accessible to the people, the radio and the TV helped the spread of music everywhere, crossing even borders.

The oldest musical instrument is a flute

The 35.000 years old flute was made out of a vulture bone and it seems to be the oldest one discovered so far.

“Respect” by Aretha Franklin is actually a cover

The artist rewrote the lyrics of an Otis Redding song as the original one had a misogynistic tone. The song became now the most popular female anthems of all times.

Jimi Hendrix taught himself to play the guitar

Jimi never learned how to read music and preferred to learn the guitar by hearing and trying to copy the sounds.

Digital sales dominate the music revenues nowadays

The music industry has reached its pick once with the digital sales through streaming, downloading or subscriptions.

Vinyl is again highly demanded

After being replaced in the 80s and 90s with cassettes and CDs, vinyl records are making a comeback with an increase of sales of over 20 times more than in 2006.

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