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10 fun facts about music world #1

In 2016 Mozart sold more CDs than Adele, Drake and Beyonce

A commemorative box for the 225th anniversary of Mozart’s death was containing a set of 200 discs, and their selling was counted for each CD separately.

Singing in a group can boost your mood

Being part of a group has been proven to bring you various physical and mental benefits, however singing in a group raises even more one’s spirit and boosts the mood as your body intakes a flow of good hormones and reduces the stress causing ones.

Listening to music improves your physical performance

Listening to music while performing physical exercises helps work out more efficiently and for a longer time, while synchronizing with the music helps you reduce the oxygen level required while exercising.

Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” seems to be the catchiest song ever

In a study with 12,000 participants “Wannabe” was the fastest and easiest recognised song (2.3 seconds) compared to an average of 5 seconds for other popular songs.

Finland has the most metal bands per capita

It seems that Finland hosts about 53.5 bands per 100,000 people, followed by Sweden and Norway equally, and Iceland. Despite the origins of heavy metal music being the US and the UK, these countries barely reach 5.5 and 5.2 bands.

Music helps plants grow faster

Playing classical music around plants was discovered by South Korean scientists to have influenced positively the growth rate of rice fields.

Beatle members did not know how to read nor write “music”

None of the 4 members of the band were aware of any music theory and rather they were going by the ear while composing.

The most expensive musical instrument ever sold was a violin

“The Lady Blunt” Stradivarius was sold in 2011 for no less than $ 15.9 million, four times more than the previous action for a similar Stradivarius.

“Happy Birthday” song still brings big incomes

In 1893 the Hill sisters came up with a song for birthdates at their kindergarten class. Despite having its ownership changed in the past 100 years, it still brings royalties of about $2 million yearly. In order to be able to sing it in a movie or TV show, you’d have to pay no less than $ 25.000 for it.

Music helps people with brain injuries recovering personal memories

The study has been conducted on patients with acquired brain injuries by having them played various songs from along their lifespan and connecting them with the memories it brought. It had favourable results, including in parallel groups of people with no brain injuries.

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